Soroush Dabiri - Visual Artist

Soroush Dabiri - Visual Artist

Remembrance, the second series of small size painting.

About the Remembrance Series - February 2019


I have started creating small size paintings to offer original, unique and, affordable artworks. Recently I have finished my second collection of small size paintings and I am gradually sharing the completed work via social media. This series will be available for sale soon. My first small sized paintings, named Relevance was presented from September to December 2018 and it was sold out. 

I have named my second small sized series as Remembrance, in order to show my respect to the musicians and the artists whom I have known and been inspired by. I am grateful for getting the chance to learn about the concepts of contemporary art from great artists and musicians during my carrier. They have shown me by example how one can enjoy being an artist in the modern era. By creating the Remembrance series, I have symbolically depicted the valued presence of my masters in the form of three green leaves in each composition. The leaves in these paintings do not belong to any specific plant, however they are a sign of evergreen presence and memory.


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About the Relevance Series - November 2018

Recreation of plants in the Relevance series

Plants exhibit complicated behaviours in response to the environment. Even with the stillness on the tree-lined lanes and shrubs, their widespread movements under the effects of light, wind, and gravity is vibrant. Their reaction in response to the climate change over the time is remarkable.

I believe that plants perceive the environment. More than the utter beauty of plants which has a profound effect upon our senses, their versatile behavior makes them more attractive in nature. Our perception of plants gives us a sense of pleasure and delight or the form of the plants immediately strikes us upon observation. Our perception depends on our approach toward wildlife and to our definition of nature. In my eyes, the plants mean more to us than just their beauty.

More about the Relevance series

Plants make gorgeous compositions with lines in variety of thickness, colors, and characters. I like the experience of creating and colorizing similar lines in my artwork. I enjoy bringing what I perceive visually to life in my artwork.

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Purity in Form


 Lately, I’ve been ruminating about the element of form. It started when I was once watching the frozen piles of snow along Front Street in Toronto. The snows were melting while carless car tires splashed mud on them –a seemingly trivial winter scene on a busy street. My understanding of form transformed simply with a winter stroll. To be more precise, I must say my expectation from the definition of form was altered. I was no longer seeking to narrate using the familiar forms. I deleted the names of the things I saw. I even discarded the application. I tried to neglect the associations of the thing. What was left was nothing other than a shape. This perspective puts me at ease. I feel lighter, freer. In fact, our surrounding world does not demand naming, justification and narration. We are often in unique moments that defy all predetermined definitions or names; they are not past nor future. I feel blessed that I can experience such moments through painting.

Back in my homeland, Iran, a decade prior engaging in the world of visual arts, I started learning Iranian traditional motifs in classical music (Radif) when I was twelve. I’m delighted to have experienced both these realms. I consider myself a painter who knows Iranian music and a musician who is familiar with visual arts. Naturally, when I create a form, I pay attention to its music. Similarly, music motifs have formalistic implications for me. In learning Iranian traditional music, I have learned from masters such as Ali Bayani, Mohammad Reza Lotfi, and Darioush Talaie. Now, I teach lessons I have learned within the last three decades of immersing myself in music.

My studies in visual arts began by graphic design, then I pursued it with painting, leading to a Master’s degree in illustration. After moving to Canada, I got enrolled on contemporary media in visual effects program, graduating in 2015.

I started my professional career as a painter in 2008 by opening my first solo exhibition, titled “Close to Me” at Mehrva Art Gallary, Tehran. Since that event, set myself to exhibited one collection a year in Siin Galley, each expressing a concern through a different visual expression. In the oeuvre of my works, perhaps like any other artist, I seek to find an interpretation for the surrounding world, the world that, in my view, is divided between humans and other phenomena. I even don’t see the idea of the “Purity in Form” not separate from such classification.

Experiencing the concept that I called “Purity in Form” is very pleasurable. I’m delighted to be living in an era where graphic design and special visual effects software are at our service. Since 2013 I’ve been experimenting with graphic editors (2D & 3D) as well as motion graphic programs. Such experimentations makes me consider myself a multimedia artist. 

Nowadays, visual artists have the opportunity to transcend canvasses, employing other media to create works of art. I find this a process that will lead to synergy in art creation.

The advent of such possibilities, makes the modern world accessible to the public. Hence the values are not confined to media or technology, but it’s the quality of the work that demonstrate the depth of human’s intellect. This will lead us transcend the modern world and all the thought of all the wars. The post-modern world will be filled with peace. In such a world, art has a major role in the formation of the society. Our eyes will be opened to the pure forms. That world will be the moment of commencement. 

Soroush Dabiri


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