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Soroush Dabiri

I am thinking about creating new forms in my painting, then I am satisfied when it happens.


Soroush Dabiri was born and raised in Shiraz, Iran, a city well-known for its beautiful gardens and famous poets. Soroush was always fascinated by the gardens in his neighborhood. Since his childhood, He was thrilled by the forms that were being shaped when the sun was coming down and the wind was passing through the trees. He still has the same enthusiasm about nature and its forms. 

He holds a Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design and Bachelor of Arts in Painting. He also has an MFA in Illustration. During his career, Soroush has held more than twenty exhibitions as a visual artist, both in Iran and Canada. He immigrated to Canada in 2013 and currently lives in Toronto. He recognizes himself as a multidisciplinary visual artist and uses different media such as photography, printmaking, graphic design, 3D software, and motion design.

In 2017, Soroush has launched a project named ‘Purity in Forms’. This project includes five different series of painting by now. His main concern is about the gradual loss of green land and its pure forms. In his paintings, Soroush aims to recreate nature from his point of view, with a variety of recognizable lines and abstract forms. To commemorate the nature, he develops compositions with no prior story. The story emerges after creating the forms.  He strives to create a visual narration that would remind the audience about the beauty of our planet and our responsibility to prevent its destruction.